SINCE 1938

Founded by Umberto Pierluigi in 1938, the restaurant originally was a small osteria, always located in Piazza de’ Ricci in the center of Rome. Over the years, its privilaged position and constantly updated menus, have rendered this elegant venue extremely requested by local and international clients.

In 1980, a young Roberto Lisi took over the property, keeping its name and embarking on an evolutionary path that transformed the small family-run trattoria into an upscale restaurant.

In the 1990’s, Roberto became a pioneer among the Roman culinary scene, in the preparation of fish and seafood dishes. Sensitive to the evolution of his growing clientele, he understood the need to meet their continuously changing tastes and requests. In doing so, he began proposing menus featuring only the freshest ingredients in season, prepared in a traditional healthy manner, but with innovative accents.


Today, Lorenzo Lisi manages PIERLUIGI RESTAURANT, together with his father, Roberto. His input and international experience keeps pace with the changing tastes of his customers. Expression of Lorenzo’s influence emerged in 2010, during which he created the first American-style Cocktail Bar, international in taste, but rooted in the Roman tradition.

The concept was extended to include a lively and professional staff, courteous and with character, to prepare and serve an upscale cuisine using only the freshest ingredients, with innovative accents and cooking techniques. Continuous attention to detail and changing tastes has made PIERLUIGI RESTAURANT a reference point for discerning local and international clients.